With even more books brought in from students in our class and donated from the community we now have a total
Just one week in to our book drive, we have reached our target of 200 books! We have completely filled one bookshelf and now are in the process of filling more. We also have been promised even more books, so we have raised our target to an ambitious 500! Let's see if we can make it.
After a girl in our class, Lotto,
Today is the third day we have received books, and it was amazing! Our total skyrocketed from 33 to 88!

We received these books from family friends, students and teachers in the school. It was fantastic seeing people bring in books from the people they know and going and collecting others from the office and classrooms.

We almost have a full bookshelf!
On Friday we received our second set of books! We received lots of books, boosting our total to 33! Also on Friday, we received our first donation to Amnesty International through our charity page. It is so exciting to see that people are supporting our campaign!

Last week we got our very first set of books for our book drive! They were from a student in our class and from people from the company QBE. We loved seeing our very first books begin to fill out book drive bookshelves! Here is a few of their names Hex Hall, Crashed, Scarlett and etc. We had a total of ten books. I think this is a great start for our book drive :)